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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Skincare: Anew: Anew Clinical Luminosity Pro Brightening Serum

ANEW CLINICAL Luminosity Pro Brightening Serum

When skin looks brighter, it looks younger!

Brochure: $54.00

Get it now for $50.00

(Quantity: 1)

Only at Avon! Our first topical serum with injectable-grade skin brightener for an at-home option to a dermatologist laser!* Results not comparable to professional procedures. Instantlymakes your skin look brighter and more even toned.** 80% of women saw the look of dark spots dramatically diminish.*** Over time, 100% of women showed more illuminated skin with visible reduction in fine wrinkles.****

Dual formula – Anti-Dark Spot Helix: formulated with injectable-grade L-Aspartic Acid* to help inhibit pigment production causing dark spots. Brightening Gel: formulated to help remove dull skin cells that can add years to look of skin. Use every evening after cleansing and before moisturizing.

1 fl. oz.

*This is a cosmetic product for external use only. Follow usage instructions on product packaging. Results not comparable to professional procedures.

**In a consumer-perception study.

***Of those who expressed an opinion in a consumer-perception study.

****In a clinical study after 8 weeks.

”Most people don't know this, but wrinkles aren't the only things that age you. Over time, age spots and discolorations can worsen to give you a dull, uneven complexion. Women come to see me all the time for expensive procedures to correct these issues. Now, ANEW brings you a great at-home alternative*… at an accessible price” – Dr. Cheryl Karcher, Board-certified, nationally recognized expert in aesthetic dermatology. Dr. Karcher is a professional consultant for Avon.

Customer Reviews:

shoppingdiva said:

"i just turned 40 and have been fighting age spots for about 10 years and i have dry skin. i use the whole Ultimate line which is fabulous. Adding the brightening serum has taken my skin to a whole new level. I use it in the PM only, just after washing. it does sting a litle if i don't wait a few minutes after washing my face so i wash my face and then brush my teeth to give my fac a break. sometimes i still feel a slight tingle but it's not that bad. i use one squirt of the pump to cover the worst age spot areas---forehead, cheeks and sides of face. i have used it about a month, just one pump a night and the container is about 1/2 full. let me tell you IT WORKS. my skin looks dewy fresh and radiant. i can hardly see the discolorations. The ultimate night cream i've used for years started the process of eliminating the dark spots but after a certain amount of fading the color stalled at a certain level. the brightening serum took up where the ultimate night cream left off and has practically gotten rid of them. i am so pleased. Now, having dry skin, i did notice during the day that my skin feels dryer all day so i make sure to put a good clump of Ultimate day cream all over my face in the AM. and i love the new healthy foundation to help w/that. my skin still feels a tad tighter than it used to but the results are worth it. i hope it never gets discontinued. it's worth the price. a product that really works!!

Lynnpm said:

"I purchased this product about three weeks ago and I definitely see a difference in the tone and feel of my skin. Like others have said, I wake up every morning with my skin feeling so smooth and soft. Having done my share of sun worshiping, I have seen my "freckles" lessen in color and my overall skin tone become more even. Love it and will continue to buy!"

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